nhl 19 1v1 Tournament

July 19, 2019


Huge thanks to our sponsors Lambton College Esports for supporting us and contributing to the CASH prize pool. Make sure to check them out at the link below!

We are hosting our FIRST EVER NHL 19 1v1 tournament right here in Sarnia! This will be a double elimination tournament bracket to determine the winners, with a CASH prize pool.

Doors will open at 6pm for registration and warm up, tournament bracket will start at 7pm.

$10 entry fee per player, while waiting turn players will have free access to our retro gaming section, access to our arcade cabinets, and discounted VR prices. We are a fully licensed bar, there will be soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks available for purchase. There will be drink specials just for the tournament night. Any outside food is welcome.

Any questions or concerns send us a Facebook message or email us at districtbeta@gmail.com.


● 1 vs 1
● Double elimination: gamers have to lose two matches to be eliminated.
● Game rules: NHL
● Period length: 4 minutes
● Fights: On
● Penalty: On
● Injuries: Off
● Offsides: Delayed
● Icing: Hybrid
● Tie: 5 minutes overtime (3 on 3), then the shootout.
● The match has to be ended when there is a difference of 7 goals between the gamers.
● During the shootout, goalies have to be controlled by a gamer.
● If there is a tie during the finals: 4 minutes periods will be played until first goal.
● Gamers get to choose their NHL team before each match. If both gamers pick the same NHL team, a ‘’rock, paper, scissors’’ game will be played to determine which gamers has priority.
● Finals will be played on “Best of 3”
● Locking a position is not allowed.
● District Beta is the ultimate referee for any decision needed to be made during the tournament. All District Beta’s decision will be final and without appeal.

More Informations and rules:

All games will be played on our PS4’s players are more than welcome to bring their own controllers, but we will provide controllers to those without. We cannot guarantee the quality of borrowed controllers.

Each game will be played on a single screen, to avoid any connection problems. It will also smoothen the operations and the length of the tournament.

Each match will begin with a ‘’rock, paper, scissors’’ game to determine which gamer will play home.

The bracket distribution will be made randomly. It will be displayed on a screen during the tournament. An Internet link will also be available.