Goldeneye 007 1v1 tournament

August 2nd, 2019


Huge thanks to our sponsors Lambton College Esports for supporting us and contributing to the CASH prize pool. Make sure to check them out at the link below!

In our summer series of tournaments we are hosting GoldenEye 007, the 1997 classic that revolutionized the FPS industry with its extremely easy to use controls and extra sharp graphics.

This will be a 1v1 tournament with a double elimination tournament bracket, competing for a CASH prize pool! There will also be other goodies given away at random throughout the tournament so stay tuned for that!

Doors will open at 6pm for registration and warm up, tournament games will start at 7pm.

$5 entry fee per person, while waiting turns players will have free access to our retro gaming section and discounted VR rates. We are a fully licensed bar, there will be soft drinks, alcohol, and snacks available for purchase. There will be drink specials on for the entirety of the tournament as well as GoldenEye themed drinks.

Check out the Facebook event page for this tournament here: GoldenEye 007

Any questions or concerns send us a Facebook message or email us at

This is being played on the original N64's on CRTs, you are welcome to bring your own controllers but they may have to undergo inspection for illegal modifications. We do have controllers available to borrow for those who do not have their own.

The entire event will be live streamed on our twitch channel

Radar: ON
No Slappers
No Throwing Knifes
No Golden Guns (if there's time afterwards we can do some fun matches with only them)
No Caves level
No Oddjob
Weapons and Levels will be randomly selected before each match.