What Is VR?
Virtual Reality Gaming
Virtual Reality gaming is a real-time 3 dimensional artificial space that moves with you as you move and interact with the environment. You can paint paintings, solve puzzles, kill zombies and much much more in real time as the gaming software fills in the blanks to what you're missing to do it in real life.
1886 London Line
We are now open in our new location! We are located at 1886 London Line on the second floor above Valley Axe. Currently we have 4 fully operational virtual reality booths, in the near future we are going to be adding more booths for your enjoyment. We are outfitted with high quality screens so you can sit back on our comfy couches and watch your friends play while waiting your turn!
Virtual Reality Headset
Created by HTC the Vive is the Virtual Reality headset paired with 2 controllers that you wear to immerse you into the environment as you play games, this works as a set of goggles that completely take over your vision and shows you the virtual reality. But don't worry there are sensors in the headset that keep you from running into anything in the real world.
The Beast that runs it all
Created by Juce Computers, our computer is a beast. This rig can run anything we can throw at it flawlessly, this ensures that when you come try out virtual reality you will be able to have a smooth and seamless experience.
Book now for our grand opening on September 1st below, from September first on we will be taking bookings for 4 booths at a time. Until then we have one booth open at Valley Axe at 1886 London Line Sarnia. Bookings are done in hour increments, if you're planning to share booths with friends we recommend that you do not do any more than 3 people per booth per hour.
Participants must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their reservation. This is so we can show you how to use our systems before your time starts so you get to use your full time for playing games. We book in hour increments so your time is over when your hour is over, if there is a free booth after you and you would like to extend your time you can speak with the manager at the location.
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